For us nature is so important that we decided to insert the word itself inside the name of our brand: Aromenature is a combination of “arome” the French word that stays for aroma and “nature”. Our fields are based in the area named “Codrii Moldovei”: the greenest region of Moldova characterized by large expanses of hills and forests. For years this environment has been home to thousands of varieties of plants and animals such us: wolves, bears, wild boars, foxes, pheasants, owls, eagles, bees and many more but all these species are in real danger nowadays.

To protect them we decided firstly to keep our fields organic. During our working process we don’t use any kind of chemicals, pesticides or herbicides that could harm the flora and fauna species surrounding our properties. As a result we obtained the organic certification. There are only two companies in Moldova producing lavender oil which are organic certified, and Aromenature is one of them.

In addition to this, we bought some forests around our fields just to prevent them from being cut. Furthermore, we built and placed around the areawooden bird houses. But we believe it’s not enough. Our aim is always to improve ourselves to be more sustainable to get to be an example also for the others.